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    Ozone Research AND Applications
    ORAIPL has been a powerhouse in providing water and wastewater
    solutions through ozone and various combinations of advanced oxidation
    processes since 2002. Prestigious installations have been done in
    various fields so far like cooling towers, lake rejuvenation, STPs, ETPs etc.
    "ORAIPL being one of the oldest manufacturers of Ozone Systems in India
    is well renowned for its prompt customer service and continuous pursuit
    for customer satisfaction...
  • "Range of Products"
    ORAIPL has in house capability to manufacture ozone generators
    of capacities ranging from 2 g/hr to 200 kg/hr
Consider this Before Purchasing Your Next Ozone Generator
"In an effort to guide all buyers of ozone generators in purchasing the right ozone generator to suit their requirement and to stop the
propagation of misleading information that many cheap vendors are providing in order to make quick sales, we have hereby come up
with a checklist so that every buyer considers the following parameters and asks for such clarifications from any ozone generator
vendor before making a purchase."
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Industrial Water Treatment

ORAIPL has made major breakthroughs in the Industrial Water Treatment Segment by using various combinations of Advanced Oxidation Processes. Specific issues of COD, Color, Odor, Ammonia etc in any kind of industrial effluent have been magnificently taken care of by the research experts at ORAIPL who have been striving in the field of Advanced Oxidation Process.

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Cooling Tower

ORAIPL has a massive experience in the Power Sector wherein ozone is being applied to inhibit the growth of algae and biofilm on condenser tubes and cooling tower basin. The scaling on condenser tubes which occurs due to the biofilm formation is dramatically reduced when ozone is put to use in cooling towers.

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Municipal Water Treatment

Due to the massive negative impacts of chlorine in water treatment, ozone has found its way as a potent force to either replace or reduce chlorine in water treatment. In sewage treatment plants, ozone has almost replaced chlorine in many countries. In drinking water plants, ozone has been progressively used to reduce the carcinogenic impact of the disinfection by-products formed by it.

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