Ozone Generator Model INDOZ OFAC

Special Features
Air cooled ozone generator
Pressure operation with oxygen
Ozone production setting by means of 4-step-switch
Incl. built-in oxygen concentrator
High-quality materials for virtually unlimited life span
Low energy consumption
Plug & play system

Perfected, modern technology
Ozone generator modules of stainless steel 316Ti consisting of individually fused electrodes
Resin embedded high-voltage transformers with thermal switch

Technical Specifications

Modal Indoz-9-OFAC Indoz-15-OFAC Indoz-25-OFAC Indoz-45-OFAC
Capacity Max 9 gr03/hr 15 gr03/hr 25 gr03/hr 45 gr03/hr
Ozone Conc. max. 80 gr/m3(STP) 80 gr/m3(STP) 60 gr/m3(STP) 60 gr/m3(STP)
Feed Gas Oxygen Oxygen Oxygen Oxygen
Compr.air requirement 25 lpm 42 lpm 89 lpm 163 lpm
Dimension (LxHxD) mm 760Χ760Χ260 760Χ760Χ260 600Χ1200Χ400 600Χ1200Χ400
Electrical Power Supply 230V 50/60Hz 230V 50/60Hz 230V 50/60Hz 230V 50/60Hz