Ozone Generator Model INDOZ 2000

Special Features
Modular system with comprehensive monitoring of functions and operation according to DIN 19627
Due to modular design arbitrarily extendable
Highest possible operation safety due to the use of serial components of leading manufacturers
Construction and materials designed for highest availability and long life span
Easy access to critical components
Ease of operation
Low space requirement

Perfected, modern technology
Ozone generator modules of stainless steel including individually fused electrodes
Use of serial frequency converters from a leading manufacturer
Resin-embedded high-voltage transformers with thermal switch

Automatic ozone production control
Various ozone production setting by variation of frequency and voltage
Serial equipped with automatic ozone production control

Multiple application
The ozone generators are available in two alternatives:
Feed gas compressed air
Feed gas oxygen

Technical Specifications

Production Capacities (kg03/h) 1 - > 30
Energy Consumption (KWH/kg)
Compressed Air / Oxygen
Cooling Water Nm3/hr for 1kg O3/hr 1 - 1.5
Ozone Setting Autom., Various
Controller Included
Input Signal 0/4 - 20mA
Electrical Control PLC
Electrical Power Supply (V,Hz) 400/50
Conformity UL