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Lake Remediation

Lake Remediation and River Disinfection: Lakes are suffering from different stress factors and need to be restored using different approaches. In less developed countries big reservoirs function as sewage treatment plants. Natural aeration solves problems only partly and many pollutants tend to accumulate in the sediments.

Ozone being a very strong oxidant and disinfectant finds application under such circumstances. Ozone Research And Applications (India) Pvt. Ltd. has undertaken the job of reviving such natural water bodies by using a combination of treatment methods comprising ozone and has successfully implemented this at various sites. To name a few:

  • Ozonisation of the Holy Sarovar at Golden Temple Amritsar: 1.6 kg/hr Ozonisation System (YOI:2005)
  • Ozonisation of Holy Shivganga Pond at Deoghar: 3 kg/hr Ozonisation System (Under Execution with BARC)
  • River Disinfection at Ujjain Mahakumbh 2016 (Containerized Ozone System)