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Spent Condensate/Lees

Spent condensate is generated after multiple evaporation of spent wash and Lees from the rectified column. These wastewater streams are highly polluted. Having very high organic load and volatile acids. Like sugar condensate this water is free from hardness and ss. Spent condensate/lees is having COD ranges variable from 400-12000 and VA from 800-4000, pH from 3 to 8. Treating this water and bring the levels even for disposal to agricultural norms is very critical. Better option is we can reuse this water into the fermentation process by reduction of volatile acids, COD is not the constrain for fermentation process.

Treatment methodology by CONPOLOX-AOP-Spent condensate.

  • Ozone is applied to degrade the maximum COD in the spent wash condensate at start of treatment & then this wastewater is subjected to specially developed adsorption columns to remove the maximum volatile acids & associated COD from such condensates. The absorption column removes the maximum portion of the VA in the condensate & further disinfection by ozone is applied which is the must step before the water is being reused for fermentation which further degrades the COD & removes the bacteriological count by 3 to 6 log reduction.
  • This process can be utilized for obtaining great saving in terms of alkali consumptions reductions to the existing treatment of RO or biological system which required pH neutralization or the problem of treatment of RO reject water concentrated VA & COD can also be addressed if supplemented by this additional system.
  • These parameters are critical to achieve by Biological treatment units.
  • Further if any existing anaerobic digestor facing problem of operation because of high concentration of VA can reduced prior to inlet of the anaerobic digestor
  • This technology can efficiently reduce the volatile acids below 200-300 ppm, it will boost the pH and the neutralization cost can be reduced by 80%.

ORAIPL’S CONPOLOX X-AOP-Spent condensate/lees is one of the best technology for treating and reusing the condensate/lees into the fermentation process. It boosts up the acidic pH , reduce the neutralization chemical consumption by 80% which will save huge cost for industry. Will make the fermentation process run efficiently. In case the RO System is installed, it will reduce the costic consumption used for neutralization which will reduce their operating cost. It requires less civil construction, and same as sugar condensate scheme it will be very competitive in capex and opex compared with biological treatment units.