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Sugar Condensate

Excess vapor condensate water- It is generated by condensation of vapor used for heating the juice in various stages. This is the wastewater with high organic load as well as having some amount of sulphur traces and sugar traces (in some specific case). This water usually having COD in range of 200-1200 ppm. If it is not treated, it turns black in 48 hours and smells bad. This wastewater can neither directly reused into the process nor it can be disposed to agricultural land without treatment. But being condensate this water is free from other contamination like hardness, alkalinity, ss, silica, TDS. Thus reduction of organic load can make this water reusable for the industrial usage such as

  • cooling tower make up.
  • feed to RO plant for boiler feed instead if raw water.
  • fresh process water requirements or for agricultural purpose.

Treatment methodology by CONPOLOX-AOP-Sugar condensate.

  • The condensate generated from the evaporators is always at a temperature higher than the ambient temperature and this property of the condensate is put to action in our CONPOLOX-AOP process wherein the combination of ozone and catalyst is introduced into the condensate at high temperature. Due to the naturally high temperature of the condensate which facilitates the rate of reaction, the off gas from the polishing ozone contact column is added in the first reaction tank to activate the proprietary catalyst dosed in the first tank & removal of the pollutants happen from the condensate in much shorter time period. After this first catalytic oxidation, ozone is given in final step, disinfection of the condensates happen here.
  • This technology can bring the COD < 20 and BOD < 10.
  • These parameters are critical to achieve by Biological treatment units.
  • We are offering the complete water treatment without any reject stream and no sludge formation.
  • The total capital expenditure involving civil structure is very competitive compared with Biological treatment unit.
  • Operating cost of Biological system can be Rs. (8-25)/m3, while we are offering the treatment with operating cost of Rs. (5-18)/m3.

ORAIPL’S CONPOLOX-AOP-sugar condensate is very competitive technology compared with traditional biological treatment units for Condensate polishing and reuse.

CONPOLOX-AOP Sugar condensate treatment scheme requires 40% less civil structure to be constructed, It is having no sludge formation thus relief from sludge handling. CONPOLOX is efficient for giving the consistent results with least fluctuations. Also it is economic in both capex and opex compared with the other treatment processes.