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Tangential Static Mixer


The Static-Mixer OSM is a mixing device for the application of homogeneous distribution of several liquid and/or gaseous media. It consists of a mixing tube with inside welded mixing elements, which are special y designed for highest mixing degree at an extremely low pressure drop.

Static Mixer, Type OSM

Form and dimension of the mixing elements effects an intensive mixing of the media, which have to be mixed. Operating pressure and flow velocity determinate the mixing degree. For example . The mixing degree for the media water / ozonized water : min. 98%.


  • Dissolving of gases in liquids:
  • Ozone in drinking water
  • Ozone in waste water
  • Oxygen in sludge
  • Oxygen in water or waste water
  • Carbonic acid or fumes in waste water Assembly Inline assembly between two flange joints.

Mixing of liquids

  • Neutralization by acids or alkaline
  • Precipitants and flocculants in water

Mixing of gases

  • Cooling down fumes by means of fresh air Dosing point for the media to be mixed with the main flow approx. 200-1000mm prior to the OSM


  • Inline assembly between two flange joints.

Technical Data Standerds Models

 PVCStainless steel
ModelOSM 15 PVC - OSM 400 PVCOSM 15 VA - OSM 800 VA
Nom. Dia.DN 15 - DN 400DN 15 - DN 800
MaterialPVC - USS316L
Flange JointBushes and lapped flanges of PVC-UWelding collars of SS316L