Covid-19 Protection

Venturi Injection System

ORAIPL recommends the use of venturi injectors for mixing ozone with water with the help of a booster pump. Around 95 % mixing efficiency is achieved when ozone is dosed in water via booster pump. Venturi injectors operate over a wide range of pressures and require only a minimal pressure differential between the inlet and outlet sides to initiate a vacuum at the suction port. When pressurized water enters the injector inlet, it is constricted toward the injection chamber and changes into a high-velocity jet stream. The increase in velocity through the injection chamber results in a decrease in absolute pressure creating a vacuum and thereby enabling an additive material to be drawn through the suction port and entrained into the water stream. As the jet stream is diffused toward the injector outlet, its velocity is reduced and it is reconverted into lower pressure energy.

An anti siphon loop is provided (see water trap in the figure) with the injection system to ensure no water siphons back to the ozone generator in case there is any problem with the injection system.